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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to adapt to any situation. Most of us are not born with a high Emotional Intelligence, we need to develop it. This course will introduce you to tools to “upskill” your Emotional Intelligence and make you aware of your blind spots.

Lesson Information

Lesson 1

What is Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence differs from personality. IQ is what you know; EI is how you feel; SQ is finding your purpose.

Lesson 2

Why is Emotional Intelligence essential in business

Emotional Intelligence is an essential leadership skill. The 4 domains of Emotional Intelligence are explored with tools given to enhance self-awareness.

Lesson 3

Tools to develop Emotional Intelligence

Each personality style reacts differently to conflict. We unpack how each personality type reacts to conflict and learn ways to handle the diversity.

Lesson 4

Understanding Personalities part 1

Through awareness one can learn how to handle people differently and improve relationships.

Lesson 5

Understanding Personalities part 2

Understanding people’s diversity in personalities helps develop Emotional Intelligence.

Lesson 6

Strengthen Assertiveness

Assertive skills are for most people, a learnt behaviour.

Lesson 7

Emotional Intelligence and Setting Boundries

Most of us struggle to say no, or to have personal boundaries

Lesson 8

The Truth About Self-Esteem

One of the most challenging domains of Emotional Intelligence is to increase your self-esteem.

Lesson 9

The Impact of Setbacks

We all have setbacks; it is the way we deal with it, that sets us apart.

Lesson 10

Self-Actualisation and Emotional Intelligence

Self-actualisation is where we aiming to grow with Emotional Intelligence.

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Expert Presenter

Hanrie Fridjhon

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Hanrie Fridjhon is an Executive Coach and Business Consultant with various qualifications in philosophy, management coaching, art education and psychology. Her speciality is Executive Coaching (enhancing the x-factor in Executives), Sales, Marketing and Business Communication. Hanrie serves on the Virtual Faculty at University of Stellenbosch Business School, lecturing on the MBA program, New Manager’s Development Programme, and Senior Management Development Programmes.