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Generational diversity

The modern workplace is melting pot of a multitude of generations. From Baby Boomers to Millennials and everything in between, employees from different generations come to the workplace with their own generational uniqueness and intricacies. In this course we get to better understand the characteristics of each generation, how they function and how to get these different generations to form functional teams.

Lesson Information

Lesson 1

Generational communication

This lesson introduces the learner to the different generations, expands on who they are, how to communicate with them, how they communicate and the basic traits of each generation.

Lesson 2

The Silent Generation and Baby Boomers

This lesson focusses on the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers. It gives great insight into each one and how to approach and manage them.

Lesson 3

Different generations and how their traits

This lesson focusses on Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z. It zooms in on these generations in the work place, what their expectations are, how to get the best from them and how they function best in the work environment.

Lesson 4

Multi-generations and traits

In this lesson the differences between generations is discussed. It further focusses on the benefits of a multi-generational workforce as well as the associated challenges.

Lesson 5

How to manage Millennials

Discover how to manage and lead Millennials. Find out what management style brings out the best in them, what they expect from their career and how to manage their expectations.

Lesson 6

How to recruit Millennials

With an approach of “them being in demand”, rather than job hunting, recruitment of millennials has to be an adaptive process. Discover how to recruit them, what questions to ask during the interview process and the myths that could influence recruitment

Lesson 7

Leadership for Millennials

Leadership style has to be adaptive when leading multi-generational teams. Millennials especially, demand a certain style of leadership. This lesson sheds light on how to lead Millennials through the following topics:

  • Future fit leaders
  • Interacting with Millennials
  • Millennial EQ overview

Lesson 8

EQ and Millennials

Millennials have a great awareness of the self, a great social consciousness and unique relationship dynamic. This lesson covers EQ and how it is relevant to Millennials.

Lesson 9

Millennials in the office

With a multi-generational workforce, the challenges associated with conflict and dealing with associated negative aspects is as complicated as the generational gaps themselves. Learn how to manage conflict and negativity associated with generational diversity:

  • Overview of generations
  • Dealing with negativity
  • Warning signs of conflict

Lesson 10

Generational theories, facts and stereotypes

Gain an understanding of why generations are how and who they are. Explore what kind of leaders are currently being groomed and stereotypes associated with the different generations.

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Expert Presenter

Hanrie Fridjhon

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Hanrie Fridjhon is an Executive Coach and Business Consultant with various qualifications in philosophy, management coaching, art education and psychology. Her speciality is Executive Coaching (enhancing the x-factor in Executives), Sales, Marketing and Business Communication. Hanrie serves on the Virtual Faculty at University of Stellenbosch Business School, lecturing on the MBA program, New Manager’s Development Programme, and Senior Management Development Programmes.