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High Impact Leadership

As our world rapidly changes so does the type of leadership needed. High impact leadership addresses updated and adjusted required skills, capabilities and behaviour in order to support and grow as an organisation. Becoming and maintaining a sustainable business means being profitable but also working ethically and consciously in our micro, meso and macro environments. The impact of leadership is therefore not just on one’s organisation but society at large. This course will set you and your organisation up for success as it relates to leadership, ownership and accountability. In order to take your organsisation to the next level, High Impact leaders need to be developed and fostered.

Lesson Information

Lesson 1

An introduction to Leadership

Leadership is about position, skills and capabilities needed to lead an organisation. Ensuring that an organisation lives its purpose and delivers on its vision are integral components of leadership.

  • Introduction to leadership
  • Traditional vs new age leadership theory
  • Leadership case studies

Lesson 2

An Introduction to High Impact Leadership

HIL is a new age concept on what it means to lead in today’s world. Companies and organisations alike need to consider their overall impact of being a HIL leader on the organisation and society.

  • An overview of High Impact Leadership
  • Inclusivity & Diversity
  • Sustainability

Lesson 3

The changing world of work

The world is changing and therefore so is our world of work. How do we adjust and cope in our ever-changing environment?

  • 4th Industrial revolution
  • VUCA
  • Flexible work practices

Lesson 4

What does High Impact Leadership look like in the world of work

Knowing the benefits of HIL allows a person to reshape and sculpture their leadership style. What does this look like?

  • Collaboration
  • Connection
  • Compassionate leadership

Lesson 5

Characteristics of a High Impact Leader

There are many characteristics considered necessary and progressive traits for a leader, this lesson will take you through those characteristics needed for a HIL.

  • EQ & Empathy
  • Relationship management
  • Creativity & Innovation

Lesson 6

Creating a High Impact Leadership culture

What are the practical ways in which you can adapt your current leadership style to that of a HIL, and what are the processes and rhythms you can put into place to encourage a HIL culture within your organisation.

  • Atomic Habits
  • Servant leadership
  • Developing and investing in your team

Expert Presenter

Leigh Bowden

Leigh Bowden (Founder of Workspace Synergy) is a corporate soft skills/essential skills trainer, facilitator and business coach. She has over 18 years of corporate work experience with an Honours degree in Psychology, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and a B.Soci Sci. She has completed a number of shorter length qualifications in High Impact Leadership (Cambridge University CISL), Compassion Cultivation training (Stanford University, CCARE), UCT Executive and Management coaching, and is a qualified Barretts Value Centre Coach. She has fulfilled a number of roles within both the teaching, lecturing, and training space. She has held a number of senior leadership roles, some of which include being a Vice principal at a Higher Education institution, Head of Learning & Development and Business Development within the Ed Tech sector. Leigh brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and within the educational sector, with a strong penchant towards leadership development through compassion and emotional intelligence within the workplace.