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Service Excellence

The service excellence course is aimed at any individual or organisation who wishes to increase the standard of service they provide to their customers. The course is desinged to help learners understand key service principles and equip them with the skills to deliver them effectively.

Lesson Information

Lesson 1

Defining service excellence

In order to achieve our service excellence goals we need to clearly define the objectives of the training course and what we hope to achieve. Understanding what customer service is and what customers expect, is the basis for success.

  • Training course objectives and attitudes
  • Definition of service excellence
  • Service = Profit

Lesson 2

Service Goal Setting

In Lesson 1 we defined our service and laid down our objectives. Now that we understand what service we need to set our own personal goals and how we aim to achieve them.

  • Personal Service Goals and Motivation
  • Company Goals vs Personal Goals
  • Self Evaluation

Lesson 3

Understanding Service Excellence

To provide good quality service we need to be understand what quality service entails and how our service culture will effect deliverables.

  • Understanding Quality Service
  • Service Culture
  • Service process

Lesson 4

Factors influencing customer service

There are many factors which contribute to the customers overall service experience. Identifying each of these is an important part of the service process.

  • Tangible and Intangible service elements
  • Procedural vs Personal factors
  • Price, product and promises

Lesson 5

Key skills needed for quality customer service

There are certain sets of skills that have to be developed in order to provide the customer with the best possible service. Most of this section deals with the knowledge you need to have to provide excellent service.

  • Know your organisation
  • Know your customer

Lesson 6


The way in which we communicate with our customers forms the basis of how the customers perceive our service. Learning how to properly use the different forms of communication and communication styles.

  • Verbal Skills
  • Body Language
  • Non- Verbal Communication

Lesson 7

Customer wants and needs

All customers have certain wants and needs they expect us to provide when dealing with them. We need to be able to identify what these needs are in order to execute them correctly.

  • Customer needs defined
  • Specific Needs for good service
  • Customer needs analysis

Lesson 8

Handling customer challenges

When a customer has a complaint or problem we need to identify the necessary steps to be taken to ensure that we solve the problem effectively.

  • Listen, Acknowledge and suggest Alternatives
  • Handling Difficult Customers
  • Execution and Follow Up

Lesson 9

Guidelines for dealing with customers

There are five key words which we can remember as guidelines when dealing with customers.

  • Being responsive
  • Being Respectful and Reliable
  • Relationships and Recognition

Lesson 10

Management and Service Leaders

This section covers important points that business owners and service leaders should pay attention to.

  • Why provide good service?
  • What happens to our customers?
  • Service Leaders and Motivation

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Etienne Schlecter has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur specialising in the marketing and launch of products across a wide range of categories. Etienne has also devised training programmes and lectures in various fields. Etienne is an experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Entrepreneurship, Event Management, Mobile Applications, Team Building, and Public Speaking. Strong professional graduated from Stellenberg High School.