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Conflict management in the workplace


Conflict management in the workplace

Do you have a low tolerance level when it comes to conflict?

Do your “buttons” get pressed by certain people and situations?

Conflict is part of life.  Every day we face challenges that we need to handle or accept.  Life is difficult.  We need a bag of tools that we can access when there is a challenging situation that we face.

In this course you will explore what conflict is.  You will be made aware of how communication can get wrongly interpreted and how messages can be translated.  We will uncover different personality types to understand how one’s “lens” can improve the decoding of messages.

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Hanrie Fridjhon

Hanrie is an Executive Coach and Business Consultant with various qualifications in philosophy, management coaching, art education and psychology. Her speciality is Executive Coaching (enhancing the x-factor in Executives), Sales, Marketing and Business Communication. Hanrie serves on the Virtual Faculty at University of Stellenbosch Business School, lecturing on the MBA program, New Manager’s Development Programme, and Senior Management Development Programmes.
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