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An affordable and simple solution for organisations that want to manage their in-house training online. You can buy or create your own eLearning courses and upload it to your very own learning management system (LMS) with ease.

An off-the-shelf LMS is particularly useful for organisations who want to pay once and own their own LMS. It works just like your regular website and there are no monthly course or user-related subscription costs. Because it functions just like a website, you only pay an annual software plugin license fee. Plus you have the option to host it yourself or with Learnbox for a basic hosting fee.

What’s in the box?


Your online LMS will be built on a WordPress platform, a leader in the Content Management System market.

The No. 1 choice of Fortune 500 companies and training organizations worldwide for creating and managing their online courses.
Tin Canny
This powerful WordPress plugin is what enables course progress tracking as well as the lesson upload inside Learndash.

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